1. An on to Friday night.

  2. Semi-effective use of bounce card as morning sun blocker. Monty Burns unimpressed.

  3. California love. Napa valley wine drinkin’.

  4. Park Square teams up with local companies to produce shows on new stage

    "St. Paul has great audiences, great fans of art in all measures," Glover says. "Maybe they don’t know about our style of theater and this will hook them. Maybe they do know about it and they’ve just been craving it. It’s a win-win-win-win for all four of our companies. But, on a greater scale, this has been a huge win for collaboration and the expansion of varying styles of performance to the city of St. Paul."
  5. More from Unboxed 2012. Max and Kerry lower left. And Max’s doll made of *ahem* human hair.

  6. Unboxed 2012. We’re already prepping 2014. One of our favorite nights.

  7. Yes, we have a favorite stairway. Mpls edition. #RandTower

  8. Crunchy Kids.

  9. #joafilm

  10. A stirring close-up. #joafilm